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Date 2016-06-10

Please submit jobs to PconsC3 ( for better performance and speed. The PconsC2 pipeline will not be run on the web-server due to limited resource. You may download the software package at here and installed it locally.

Date 2015-09-23

The computational node for PconsC2 is fixed now. The queued jobs will be run gradually. However, this may take some time since we have limited resources at the moment. We are trying to allocate more resource soon.

Date 2015-09-09

We regret to inform you that all jobs currently submitted to the PconsC2 web-server are suspended due to the shutdown of the cloud cluster. We will move our computational node to a new cluster and the jobs submitted will stay in the queue.

Date 2015-03-10

The PconC2 web-server is back to work now. All jobs will be run according to the QueueRank. Due to the limitation of our computational resource, it may take quite long time before your job is finished.
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