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Random forest prediction of contacts in protein tertiary structure from primary structure.

PconsC takes protein sequence as input data. Jackhmmer and HHblits are then used to generate alignments at various levels of confidence of homology. For each alignment, contact predictions are made using PSICOV and plmDCA. The combined output is then used as basis for a random forest evaluation, which produces the final result.

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Skwark, M. J., Abdel-Rehim, A., & Elofsson, A. (2013). "PconsC: combination of direct information methods and alignments improves contact prediction". Bioinformatics, 29(14), 1815-1816.0

Skwark M.J., Raimondi D., Michel M.. and Elofsson A. "Improved contact predictions using the recognition of protein like contact patterns".
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